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Fecal examination

■ Stool Inspection The
stool test is to examine the blood in the flight at a clinic or a hospital and check whether the body’s fire extinguisher system is abnormal.
The stool test can check stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric ulcer and so on and it becomes a very necessary examination for health management.
In addition to the digestive system, there is also a purpose to investigate eggs of gummy gourd eggs, which are parasites.

Although it is common to conduct a stool inspection in the company’s health checkup etc., there are many people who go to the clinic in private and have the examination.
Among them, those who work in food factories, those who work in eating and drinking establishments, those who work in so-called foods place special emphasis on stool inspection.
If bacteria are found, work related to food can not be done at all and it will stop working.
Since it may be infected not only in the workplace but also in daily life, I regularly go to the clinic and carry out a fecal examination.

In addition, Japan is regarded as a country with many stomach and colon cancer. It may be difficult to notice because there is no subjective symptoms, but bacteria will lurk inside the body without knowing it.
For prevention of cancer and for early detection of cancer, it will be necessary to do the exam at hospitals, clinics, etc.

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