Tales from COVID-19 survivors | Telanagana government official returns from the clutches of death

It was a battle for survival for this courageous public servant.

It was nothing short of a miracle for Krupa Swaroopa Rani, 57, district social welfare officer, Telangana government’s Women’s Development and Child Welfare Department, who returned from Claws of death after battling COVID-19 for nearly a month at a company hospital in Secunderabad.

It was a battle for survival for this courageous official, who ultimately triumphed to become a warrior. A family reunion in January which she had attended is believed to be the source of the infection.

For Ms Swaroopa’s 29-year-old son Joseph Rohith Wood, an analyst with an MNC in Hyderabad, it was a repeat of another traumatic episode to see his mother nearly ripped off by the dreaded COVID- 19. Her father died three years ago. “It all started with a slight fever and cough, but after three days my mother’s saturation levels started to drop. She found it difficult to breathe freely. Suddenly one night his saturation levels dropped below 90 and I used a nebulizer to bring the saturation level back to normal, ”he recalls.

With little improvement, Ms Swaroopa was rushed to a company hospital in Secunderabad where an HRTCT scan revealed a serious lung infection. “On the doctor’s advice, we admitted her to the hospital. On the third day, his condition worsened with a sharp drop in his saturation levels. Her blood pressure and blood sugar dropped alarmingly, prompting doctors to bring her to the COVID-19 intensive care unit to resuscitate her, ”Rohith said.

More problems were in store for the son, who himself had mild COVID-19. Doctors have asked to make arrangements for a plasma donor. “Finding a plasma donor for my mother’s blood group – the Bombay blood group – a rare phenotypic blood group found in four out of a million people in the world was a Herculean task. After two days of research, we abandoned the efforts, ”he said.

As Ms Swaroopa’s condition became a cause for concern, she was put on a ventilator. “My heart rate dropped for a second when the doctors told us to prepare for any eventuality as his condition was critical,” Rohith said. “I used to hang around in the hospital praying for my mother’s miraculous recovery. My sister Rachel Pranitha Wood, who works for a global pharmaceutical company in Ohio, USA, rushed to Hyderabad upon hearing of her mother’s worsening condition, ”he said. underline.

For nearly a month, the brother-sister duo took turns looking after their mother. “On February 9, my mother left the hospital after spending a month in the hospital, including 15 days alone in intensive care. Today is May 9th and almost three months after release she is still struggling to be normal. The family billed 22.5 lakh for the treatment, ”Ms. Rachel said. The Hindu.

Ms. Swaroopa, recovering from COVID-19, needs the help of an attendant to do her daily work. “While I was in the hospital, I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation. But once I started to recover I got emotional and used to cry. My only prayer to God was to take care of my children in my absence. One lesson I have learned is to never overlook any disease. Early diagnosis and proper health care with a strong will will ensure that you can come out of the impending encounter with death unscathed, ”Ms. Swaroopa said. The Hindu on Sunday.

She gives credit to the doctors at the company hospital, who worked overtime to help her overcome health problems. In particular, she says she is indebted to MS. D. Divya, IAS, Commissioner, Department of Women’s Development and Child Welfare, who was in constant contact with hospital authorities to monitor her condition.

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