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Public reaction to comments from public authorities

My thoughts on the remarks of the Honorable Scott Campbell regarding social policy in Vermont. First of all, I don’t live in Nevada, I live in Vermont. Second, let’s take a look at how many times the CDC-appointed “experts” have flip-flopped on mask policy;

“The advice on face masks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies has changed several times during the pandemic. See a timeline below:

January 2020: The pandemic had just emerged and CDC officials said members of the public did not need to wear masks, citing the lack of community transmission.

March 2020: The CDC said people who have been feeling sick or caring for sick patients should wear a mask.

April 2020: The CDC and other government officials have recommended that Americans consider wearing a cloth face covering in public. He was introduced as a volunteer.

July 2020: The CDC officially called on Americans to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. More than half of American states had mask warrants at this time.

April 2021: With vaccination rates on the rise, the CDC said people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks outside except in large crowds.

May 2021: Mask advice was relaxed further as the CDC said fully vaccinated people do not need to wear one in most indoor and outdoor environments.

July 9, 2021: CDC guidelines stated that students and teachers would not need to wear masks to school in the fall.

Third, anything that aims to “stop the endless debate” does not conform to the highest sacred traditions of our right to free speech and democratic debate enshrined in the constitutions of Vermont and the United States of America. and may in fact be authoritarian in nature. Certainly not in accordance with the oath of office of an elected official of this state. Fourth, policy decisions should be based on the wants, needs and wants of the people served, supported by data, not the other way around. Our elected officials do not listen to their constituents. They listen to stories that are not of their own accord, backed up by mountains of inconsistent and ever-changing data provided by anonymous “experts” who do not reside in this state. Maybe they (our elected REPRESENTATIVES) need a pay rise or control over the effects of foreign influence pressuring their positions? Fifth, “pushing communities” sounds like government bribes. All government funding comes with requirements. Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it. Sigh… and I continue. Number Six on the charts; “I’m also concerned that asking local boards and city councils to decide whether face coverings are a wise policy will only foment more division in our communities. Local councils do not have resources or special access to unbiased scientific data; they will inevitably be confronted with local citizens who have their own opinion; and they can make their judgments based on their own prejudices. Local government is not the best level of government to do this type of policy ”. Yet everyone seems to agree with employers demanding vaccines, threatening to destroy the lives of private citizens, overwhelm and cripple vast swathes of critical industries and infrastructure without even a political debate, let alone legislative action in the form of a law requiring such action for the “public wheel”. Give us a break. Have they “abdicated” the authority of the office conferred on them by the people of Vermont? Let the evidence speak for itself. They didn’t just abdicate, they capitulated to their Caeca Domini. May the light of public conscience be shed on them. Let us reject these neo-Marxist overlords and reaffirm ourselves to the absolute truth of the unity and freedom found in the Constitution of the Great State of Vermont.

“The Constitution is the guide I will never give up” – George Washington, current president.

“I don’t work for you. Don’t be a horse’s donkey. – “Lunch bucket” Joe Biden, selected, not elected.

This should be obvious to all Americans and perhaps to a few progressives.


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