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Humble Politician Nograj, directed by Saad Khan, was released in 2018 and explored Nograj’s aspirations to become an MPP and the type of opposition he faces. The sequel, coming after four years, has the humble politician Nograj, now as an MP, aspiring to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka, but this time in web series form.

Political subjects have been a staple for some filmmakers, and this Danish socio-political satire web series from director Saad Khan is reminiscent of the drama that took place in the Karnataka assembly a few years ago. The 10-episode fictional series revolves around an election season and involves three political parties: the KGB Krishna Gundu Bala (Prakash Belavadi) of the Most Secular Party (MSP), the Family Party (FRP) of Karan Kapoor (Varun Thakur) and OBP led by Humble Politician Nograj (Danish Sait). With a suspended assembly seemingly inevitable, the narrative explores the consequences MPs face during such times.

Nothing is spared because the series tackles the politics of the seaside resorts, the bargaining, the political fights, the blackmail, the question between the authority and the majority, the interference of the powers that be, an impotent governor and the role of the media. . On 30-minute episodes, we see if Nograj succeeds in becoming the CM.
Much thought has been given to the writing of Saad Khan and Danish Sait. Obviously, parts of the episodes refer to the high-tension drama of the Karnataka coalition government, and Saad Khan with an ensemble cast gives a satirical glimpse into the murky world of politics.

Danish Sait is in the spotlight, and the actor, an Internet sensation, now masters the art of humor, whether on the radio, on the big screen, on the cricket pitch or in a web series, he corresponds perfectly to the iconic character he created. . Danois has the physique of the character as much as he rocks the performance. It’s not easy for everyone to bring out the fun side of a serious problem, and Danish does it well. His character is completed in the company of Manjunath, played by Vijay Chendoor, and the series is further elevated by an epic performance by Prakash Belawadi.

The veteran actor, who can easily take on a serious role, shows that his comedic timing is just as relevant. The conversations between these two characters become interesting in the last episodes. Disha Madan, as a reporter for the Simi Channel, Varun Thakur as Karan Kapoor, Shalini as Prakash Belawadi’s wife are integral to the cast of the ensemble, and they performed a commendable act.

The only flaw in this series, which inhabits more urban space with characters speaking mostly in a mixture of Kannada and English, is the length. Having ten episodes of 30 minutes each makes this a pretty long watch. There’s a stir that sets in, and we’re hoping for a conclusion to political affairs at the center of Humble Politician Nograj. However, the topic is highly relevant and acts more like a reality check which also highlights the fickle nature of media attention including influences from social media etc.

Politics is serious business, and the humble politician Nograj definitely manages to add a comedic touch to an important issue that is presented more as a quiet watch from the comforts of our homes.

Humble politician Nograj
Actors: Saad Khan
Director: Danish Sait, Vinay Chendoor, Prakash Belawadi and Disha Madan
Streaming on: Voot Select
Rating: 3/5

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