No government official will die from coronavirus – Duncan-Williams prayer

Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has said no government officials will be killed by COVID 19.

Pray for the government at a breakfast in Accra on Thursday morning hosted by President Akufo-Addo to seek the face of God amid the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent declaration of a pandemic by the World Organization of Health (WHO), the Archbishop said: “No one in government will be a victim of this virus. No one in government will be a victim.”

He also prayed to God to protect the government from disease and to grant the leaders the wisdom to face the situation.

“May you preserve them, protect them and empower them. What is required of them to accomplish their tasks for which you have made them a government under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

“May we all be there when this deadly virus disappears from the face of the earth to thank you and celebrate your power of delivery, your mercy and your goodness which has abounded for our government and the people of Ghana”

Other church leaders took turns praying for the president, the government, health workers, those who have been infected and also for the world to find an antidote, among others.

Prayer for the presidency

For his part, Rt. Rev. Asante Antwi, former Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, who prayed for the presidency, asked God to give the president the courage to make bold decisions for the good of the people. Ghanaian.

Reverend Joyce Aryee, in her prayer for Ghana, said the entire nation will emerge from the pandemic more unified than before. “Lord we will see each other with one nation, with a common destiny worshiping you the Eternal God”.

Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye prayed for Divine healing of those affected.

“Are you not the God who forgives our sins and heals all our diseases? Are you not the God who has framed and divided us? Weren’t you the God who healed the jumpers of your time? Weren’t you the God who raised Lazarus from the dead? Can’t you do it today? Show your hands Lord. “

Ghana has registered nine cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday, March 19, 2020.

Prayer against the spread of COVID 19

The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, Most Reverend John Bonaventure Kwofie, in a prayer against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana, asked God to show his face in Ghana, to raise his hand against the enemy and liberate the country from the pandemic.

He noted that many have lost their lives while many are on the sickbed and many come out and fear each other.

So they called on the Almighty Lord to extend his healing power over Ghana.

“Free our earth and heal us, and let us stand to praise you always. Instill knowledge in our doctors and medical experts to find a cure and as soon as possible to free you,” he prayed.

“We never knew that whoever comes to you in faith, in hope, returns without help. You have always listened to the cry of your people and responded in your own way, your sons and daughters have met this morning because of our faith in you. We know you can do it because you already have.

Prayer for frontline health workers

Praying for frontline health workers in the fight against the pandemic, Rt. Reverend Professor JOY Mante, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana called on the heavens to speak on behalf of the Ghanaian nation.

He also called on the Lord to keep an eye on the country’s health workers and protect them in the line of duty.

“Remember those nurses and attendants who clean up those who have been infected with the virus. Lord please they are in dangerous areas protect them from this dangerous virus in the name of Jesus ”

He also called on God to give health workers the extra love and compassion to do the job effectively.

Reverend Joseph Eastwood Anaba, summed up the prayers by praying for the whole world by asking for God’s direct intervention to end the Covid-19 pandemic.

The other clergy present at the meeting were the founder of Royalhouse Chapel International, Reverend Samuel Korankye Ankrah, founder of Lighthouse International, Reverend Dag Heward-Mills, Reverend Gifty Afenyi Dadzie and the founder of Perez Chapel International, the Bishop Agyin Asare, among others.

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