Madigan is no longer ‘Mr. President ”, but he is still“ Civil servant A ”| Illinois

On the flip side, West Side-appointed Democratic Representative Derrick Smith had only been in office for a few months when he was charged in federal court with accepting a $ 7,000 bribe for a legislative favor. He went on to win his primary election the following week.

With Madigan in charge, the Illinois House quickly fired Smith from office, making him the first lawmaker expelled from the chamber for suspected criminal behavior in 107 years. Despite this, Smith was back after winning the general election, although he was eventually found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Last year, Representative Luis Arroyo, D-Chicago, faced potential deportation following a federal corruption charge then implicating the senator. Terry Link, a Lake County Democrat who wore a thread.

Arroyo was indicted on a federal program bribery count, alleging that he agreed to pay a state senator $ 2,500 per month in bribes, in return for the senator’s support for legislation concerning video lottery machines.

As the House prepared to cast Arroyo, he resigned. Link then resigned and pleaded guilty in federal court last September to tax evasion.

And then there is the case of Senator Martin Sandoval, D-Chicago.

Sandoval resigned on January 1, 2020, after the FBI intervened to raid his Capitol Hill office the previous summer. He pleaded guilty a few weeks later to receiving bribes from an executive of a red light camera company. The former chair of the Senate Transport Committee was still cooperating with the government when he died of complications from COVID-19 in December.

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