Greg Stanton named magazine’s best American public servant of the year

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is among the country’s top public officials, according to a leading government magazine.

Governor Magazine bestowed the honor on Stanton’s efforts to improve the city’s environmental sustainability during his tenure as mayor, according to an article on the magazine’s website.

“The world’s brightest political leader couldn’t make Phoenix as green as Boston or Seattle. But under Stanton, the city has made significant strides towards sustainability,” wrote a member of the magazine.

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Eight others, ranging from a governor to a city health commissioner, were also on the list for 2017.

Governing highlighted Stanton’s leadership in a successful 2015 campaign for a 35-year, $ 31.5 billion transportation package that will add 42 miles of light rail, over 1,000 miles of bike lanes, 135 miles of sidewalks and extended bus service hours.

The magazine also noted that Stanton was one of the first mayors to announce that Phoenix would continue to abide by the environmental provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement after President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the multinational agreement.

Governing selects a handful of elected and appointed public officials at national, state and local levels for its annual list of public officials of the year. Stanton was one of two city officials selected this year and is the first Arizona mayor to receive the honor.

This year’s other winners include Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe – the state has created more than 200,000 jobs under his watch, according to the magazine – and Cook County Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart, who was previously one of the Time magazineAmerica’s 100 Most Influential For Reform County Foreclosure Eviction Process.

Governing and the nonprofit Living Cities hosted the annual Government Performance and Innovation Summit in Phoenix earlier this year, where Stanton was the keynote speaker. Governing also named Phoenix the best city for good government in May.

Stanton said the recognition extended to his fellow city council members, staff and the community who worked with him to create positive change in the city.

“I had the good fortune to be mayor at an exciting time,” he said.

Stanton will step down as mayor over the next seven months to run for Congress. The magazine does not bestow the honor on federal officials, so it appears to have just slipped under the thread on this one.

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