Filipino government official caught having sex in Zoom meeting

A government official was caught having sex during an online meeting. (Representative image)

A Philippine government official was caught having sex with his secretary during a Zoom meeting. According to a Daily mail report, the Fatima Dos village council in Cavite was holding a regular online business meeting when their boss, Jesus Estil, joined the call. Council members were outraged to see him walk to the back of the room and start engaging in sex acts with a woman who was later identified as his secretary.

According to the information site KENH14Mr. Estil seemed to have trouble turning off the camera before walking away. He didn’t seem to realize that the camera was still on and that his colleagues were looking at him.

A colleague of Mr Estil managed to record the explicit act in a video which was circulated widely online. The video was shared on Facebook by Filipino journalist Erwin Tulfo two days ago, where it has since recorded over 2 million views and has led to calls for Mr Estil’s suspension.

The Home Office and Local Government (DILG) said on Thursday that an investigation had been opened into the incident. “If this is true, it is unworthy of a government official. We will ensure that this incident is investigated and that the captain is punished for his actions,” said the spokesperson for the government. DILG, Jonathan Malaya, according to the statement. Philippine News Agency.

Mr. Estil and his secretary have not shown up at the office since the video was released.

Virtual meetings have become the new normal as millions of people around the world work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. In May, a businessman accidentally appeared naked on a Zoom conference call with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

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