Digital TV will offer child-friendly features: government official

Digital TV shows promise features that are usually offered on pay or subscriber TV, which are TV channel listings and movie synopses.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The digital terrestrial television will have child-friendly features and come equipped with parental control options, said Geryantika Kurnia, broadcast director of the General Directorate of Posts and Computer Operations at the Ministry of Communication. and IT. During a webinar on Wednesday, he said “digital broadcasts are kid-friendly because there’s a parental lock.”

“Parental Controls allow parents to set which TV programs their children can watch. When a parent feels that a program is not suitable for the child’s age, they can lock it so that a child cannot watch it. This child-friendly feature is just one of the benefits offered by digital terrestrial television,” he said.

According to Kurnia, digital TV offers features that are typically present on pay or pay TV, such as program listings on TV channels and movie synopses, and the coverage of digital TV is also wider than that from analog.

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Regarding analog, he said the further a TV is from the transmitter tower, the lower the quality of the broadcast. For example, pixelated patterns on TVs are likely to appear in analog, he said.

In addition, the quality of analog TV is greatly influenced by weather, so people are often disturbed when watching TV during heavy rain, he added.

Meanwhile, digital television is not affected by the distance between the transmitting tower, so as long as the device can pick up the frequency, the broadcast will appear on the screen, he explained.

The government regulates coverage from multiple providers, so digital TV coverage can be evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.

Therefore, after the end of analog broadcasts or analog switch-off (ASO), digital terrestrial television is expected to reach empty areas and areas where analog television could not reach.

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