Another official leaves the Democratic Party

October 12, 2020

Another local official leaves the Democratic Party.

Fifth District County Commissioner Anita Puckett said that while she will continue to represent her district and DeKalb County fairly and honestly, she “can no longer support the Democratic Party of today.” Puckett is in her second term as county commissioner and was elected both times as a Democrat. She has not announced whether she will become a Republican or an Independent.

In making his announcement, Puckett released the following statement.

“Step Up and Get Out”

“Growing up in a divided house, I understood political parties at a very young age. My father, Clarence Thweatt, was a die-hard Democrat. He was strongly committed to the Democratic Party. My father taught my eldest daughter to say Democrat at a very young age. He was so full of pride that he would brag about his granddaughter to all his friends. She would tell them. “I am the democrat of gandad”.

“My mother, Jeanette Edge Thweatt, was a very fervent Republican. In fact, the very first time I ran in an election, I voted for my Democrat Uncle, John Henry Thweatt for DeKalb County Clerk and my Republican Uncle Kenny Edge for DeKalb County Roads Supervisor. “.

“Politics has been rich throughout my life. I taught United States history to 8th graders for 18 years at DeKalb Middle School. My passion for teaching and developing the independence from political opinions, with respect for the individual, was a top priority for me as a teacher. In fact, my political involvement began with a comment from an 8th grade student saying, “Instead of you Complain about it, Ms. Puckett, why don’t you do something about it?” Taking that statement to heart, I stepped up and stepped out to make a difference. A difference to a country I’m so passionate about.”

“I have represented the 5th District as County Commissioner for the past 6 years. I am grateful for the support I have received in the last two 5th District elections. I hope to continue to receive this support in the future “.

“That being said, I cannot remain silent any longer. I know my story. I know the Democratic Party today is not the democracy created by Andrew Jackson. With my faith in one nation under God, the Constitution, and my love for the United States of America, I can no longer support the Democratic Party today. My spiritual faith and my strong conservative values ​​confirm my convictions in this direction. I don’t look left or right, but choose to look forward. I love DeKalb County! I am a lifelong native and have been blessed to raise my family here. Now I get to see my grandchildren raised here too.

“I can assure you that I will continue to represent DeKalb County fairly and honestly. Regardless of your political views, I respect each person for whom they are not the party they represent. I can only ask for the same in return,” Puckett said.

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