American Society of Civil Engineers Appoints Chambliss Outstanding Public Officer

Alabama State Senator Clyde Chambliss, R-Prattville, has been named 2019 Outstanding Public Officer by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). ASCE’s Committee for the Advancement of the Profession selected Chambliss to receive the national award for “impeccable service and dedication to the State of Alabama, as well as to the civil engineering profession and to surveying professionals ”.

Elected to the Alabama Senate in 2014, Chambliss was recognized by ASCE for his meritorious service as a servant leader of the Legislative Assembly of Alabama.

“Established in 1963, the award is given to members of ASCE who have contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession through meritorious public service in elected or appointed positions in civilian government,” noted Lawren Pratt. , the ASCE member who nominated Chambliss for the award.

During his tenure in the Senate, Chambliss led efforts to reform and modernize government regulations on the engineering profession. In 2018, Chambliss helped draft and pass Senate Bill 316 which required the inclusion of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) in the state’s administrative code, and added two members of the public to the Alabama Licensing Council for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.

Brad Williams, PE, president of the Alabama chapter of ASCE, praised Chambliss’ leadership.

“Senate Bill 316 led to one of the toughest QBS laws in the country; it would not have been adopted without the leadership of Senator Chambliss. Senator Chambliss’ knowledge of our profession as a practicing professional engineer was instrumental in how he was able to lead meetings, mediate between parties of divergent interests, and educate MPs on the importance of QBS. Williams said.

In accepting the award, Chambliss said he appreciated the collaboration between lawmakers and engineering professionals that led to the adoption of SB316.

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“It is a great honor to be recognized by my peers and colleagues with this award. Passing SB316 was truly a group effort, and I appreciate the work of my engineering and surveyor peers in crafting such a great piece of legislation. I would also like to thank my legislative colleagues for their support in passing the bill, and Governor Ivey for promulgating it, ”noted Chambliss.

Senator Chambliss and his wife Tara, also a civil engineer, own and operate a civil engineering company that provides engineering services to small towns, water supply systems and developers in central Alabama.

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