Alex Salmond files a complaint against a Scottish government official who allegedly disclosed the name of an accuser

Alex Salmond has filed a formal complaint against a government official who allegedly disclosed the name of a woman who complained about him.

The former prime minister took action amid allegations of improper disclosure.

Sturgeon testifies today before a Holyrood committee investigating the government’s handling of sexual misconduct complaints against Salmond when he was prime minister.

Salmond took the government to court and it was agreed that the internal investigation, which destroyed his friendship with Sturgeon, was illegal and tainted with apparent bias.

The fiasco cost more than £ 600,000 in public money.

Salmond testified at the inquest last week and accused his successor of misleading Parliament.

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A key issue concerns allegations that a government official disclosed the name of one of the complainants to Geoff Aberdein, who was previously Salmond’s chief of staff.

Jackie Baillie of Labor said in any other post this would constitute a “dismissal offense” as she asked whether the Prime Minister or the Permanent Secretary had authorized this.

But Sturgeon said, “I don’t accept that this happened, so I clearly don’t accept that it was allowed.”

The Prime Minister admitted that this was a “point of contention”.

She added: ‘Certainly with regard to one of the plaintiffs, Alex Salmond was fairly clear that he had discovered through investigations into the Scottish Government’s social media accounts that he had found out who it was.

“And with regard to the other, and maybe this is where I’m speculating, that must have been the case when he received this letter, because he was aware of the incident because he had apologized to the person.

“So my guess would be that he would have known it without anyone having to tell him.” And I know from what he told me that he discovered the identity of the other through his own investigations.

A spokesperson for Salmond said: “Mr Salmond has lodged a formal complaint with the Scottish Government’s Permanent Secretary under the Civil Service Code, over the conduct of the official who allegedly violated the rules of the civil service, in disclosing a complainant’s name in the Scottish Government process.

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