Against the government-official opposition on the amendment on advertising spending


Field of confrontation between the government and the official opposition, it is an amendment tabled to the bill on strategic investments which is voted today by the Parliament and which concerns the advertising spending of the ministries.

According to the SYRIZA deputies who participate in the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry which deals with the strengthening of the media during the pandemic, with this amendment the government “admits guilty, because it has just covered its irregularities the next day, as regards the embezzlement of funds. public money, trying to retroactively legitimize its illegalities ”.

The lawmakers of the official opposition denounce an institutional drift due to interference in the work of the Inquisition, while accusing the government of “trying to weave a veil of protection over Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, real protagonist of the infamous Petsa list “.

The vice-minister despite the Prime Minister and government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou reacted strongly to the complaints of SYRIZA, which in his statement accuses the deputies of SYRIZA, that “with the well-known recipe of prefabricated answers and political matters “.

According to Mr. Economou, the specific amendment is a technical improvement of PD.261 / 97 and is in no way related to the purpose of the Review Committee.

According to the government spokesperson, the tabling of the amendment was deemed necessary in order to “proceed with the necessary procedures of the television campaign, without delays, technical and bureaucratic ambiguities”.

Dimitris Randos


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