Abiodun runs Ogun like a level 13 official – A politician, according to Segun Sowunmi

Former Nigerian vice-president spokesman Atiku Abubakar blasted Prince Dapo Abiodun, governor of Ogun state, for allegedly unproductive manipulation of the state.

Segun Sowunmi, a former PDP candidate for the House of Representatives, who spoke during an interaction with reporters, said Governor Abiodun ruled the state as if he was a 13-level civil servant.

He said the description was not intended to disrespect officials in the state and elsewhere, but that the intellectual capacity deployed in state governance is no more than the challenge of the workload. a level 13 official.

Sowunmi postulated that Abiodun’s intellectual capacity deployed in his administration is even below level 14, 15 or 16, adding that he runs the state without new big ideas.

Sowunmi argued that Ogun has not experienced significant infrastructure development and internally generated revenue (IGR) improvement due to alleged mismanagement by the Abiodun government.

“At the start of this administration, I was very critical of them; but when COVID-19 made all states not be able to do a lot of work. It was not in my best interest, as an Ogun native, to sell my state when I couldn’t see what others were doing.

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“I’m disappointed that they have the time to organize a big funeral; they have time to organize major political activities; they don’t have time to organize an economic summit that we were all used to; they don’t have time to organize a framework to ensure that our IGR is bigger, ”lamented the spokesperson for Atiku.

Speaking further, Segun Sowunmi frowns at how Governor Abiodun is using the media and commissioned writers to cover up the real issue, like what the state government did to IGR and the leaks surrounding it. ‘State IGR. He said, “Have they blocked all the leaks? You know the answer yourself. All you have to do is watch the streets and see the number of people jumping up and down, cutting tickets. “

Sowunmi continues, “What could they do with the local government. Did they manage to stabilize it? What do they do with the image of the state? All the big envelope projects that we need to make Ogun State attractive, they haven’t done anything about it. What have they done to attract good investment and good publicity for the state. “

Sowunmi also berated the Abiodun-led government for its lack of innovative ideas to develop the state.

“They didn’t bring any of their innovative ideas. Not in road building; not in good health; not in the accommodation; not in education. They have not disrupted economic policy in a way that can create new energy and new opportunities for people.

“Whenever I think of Ogun, I think of a state that can be made like New Jersey in America. They did not take advantage of their proximity to Lagos. What can they do to inspire citizens; what can they do to interest you.

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