The City Council and Endesa collaborate to expedite the payment of aid in situations of energy poverty

The City Council and Endesa collaborate to expedite the payment of aid in situations of energy poverty

Endesa will suspend the electricity and gas cut when the Social Services announce that the owner is a beneficiary of municipal assistance

The mayor of Córdoba, José Antonio Nieto, and the general director of Endesa in Andalusia and Extremadura, Francisco Arteaga, have signed on Monday a pioneering collaboration agreement in the community to coordinate and expedite the payment of municipal aid for debts generated with motive of defaults in the electricity and gas supply of citizens with economic difficulties and who are in a situation of energy poverty.

With this agreement, the City Council and Endesa show their commitment to facilitate the form of payment of municipal aid to users of social services for the debts generated. Specifically, Endesa is committed to provide the City Council with the payment of debts through municipal subsidies to avoid the cut of supply without the application of any delay interest or commission.

Likewise, it will suspend the electricity and / or gas shutdown when it receives the communication, from the Social Services centers, that the service owner is subject to a help in this regard and will inform about the necessary requirements for granting the service. Social Bonus -with 25% discount on the reference rate- when applicable.

The agreement ensures in this way that the user of Social Services will not be affected by the power cut, while the municipal social worker can expedite the payment of the aid, being able to enter directly to the company.

According to detailed Nieto, families in a situation of social exclusion are evaluated that “can not afford to pay electric energy or gas bills and require cash support from the public administration”, while “establishing a system of direct payment to the company avoiding the cut, recharges and interests “. In 2014, the City Council allocated more than 1.1 million euros in aid to assist families at risk of exclusion, and this year provides for a “higher” amount.

The commitment of the consistory

At the signing ceremony, which was also attended by the president of the Territorial Council of Endesa in Andalusia and Extremadura, Antonio Pascual, and the councilor of the City Council’s Social Services delegate, María Jesús Botella, Nieto has valued this agreement, “because It visualizes the municipal commitment to continue responding to the social needs of the city. “

Thus, the mayor has stressed that the City of Cordoba will continue to make available to people “the necessary means to cover basic needs, among which are the costs arising from the maintenance of household supplies.”

In this regard, has highlighted that this is the third initiative to protect these families, following those developed by the Municipal Water Company (Emacsa), which in 2012 allocated 15,000 euros to avoid cutting water supply; in 2013, 25,000 euros; in 2014, 40,000 euros, and in 2015 there is “a margin of up to 60,000 euros to avoid cutting water supply to families,” said Nieto.

And on the other hand are the aid of the municipal housing company of Cordoba (Vimcorsa), for “the postponement and refinancing” of rents to families in situations of social exclusion, so that the accumulated aid so far is 800,000 euros

The necessary means

Meanwhile, Arteaga continued, “we reached this agreement from the quality and efficiency of Endesa, as well as from its proven commitment to citizens and territories in which it is present, always seeking new mechanisms with all the agents involved to generate trust” .

Both have stressed that, with agreements like this, responsible and public and private entities have the necessary means to ensure that they can provide coverage to vulnerable people who can not afford the costs of maintaining basic household supplies , as well as any basic need, after making an evaluation.

In this social context, Endesa is receptive to this reality and adds, thus, to the municipal sensitivity to find the best mechanisms that facilitate the adequate solutions for those who find themselves in situations of economic vulnerability. The intention is that this agreement can be extended to other capitals and municipalities.